Self Service Laundromat


There is no better feeling than the warm, crisp feel of clean clothes. When that dryer buzzer goes off, the comforting snuggles await to drape you. However, in order for your clothes to feel the best they can be, they need to be washed and cleaned with utmost care!

At Speedi King Laundromat & Car Wash we offer a self service laundromat for those who would like to clean their clothes with their own personal touch. Although our laundry services are second to none in Frazer, only you know how your clothes can be perfected to your liking, so let us supply you with the appliances to help get you started! With high powered coin laundry machines and quick, tumbling dryers, our facility only uses top notch equipment to care for your laundry effortlessly.

Speedi King Laundromat & Car Wash has been the number one laundromat in Frazer, PA and we proudly value customer gratification. Come visit us today for clean clothes and a clean car!


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